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Kinematic Measurement System - The Complete KMS Kit

KMS 4 Gate Porta Kit (Infra Red Sensor) which includes:

KMS kit with Infra Red Timing Lights KMS kit with Infra Red Timing Lights KMS kit with Infra Red Timing Lights

Now you can expand your system as your finances permit with the addition of infra red timing lights (single or dual beam), starting gun switches, hand or foot switches etc. An extensive is range of compatible equipment is available.

The all new OptoSmart Sensor Porta Kit

The OptoSmart sensor allows for the same KMS software functionality as the original infrared sensor but increases the ease of setup by removing the need for reflectors.

This means that the OptoSmart Sensor Porta kit comes with only 4 stands and no reflectors.

KMS kit with the OptoSmart Timing Light

The OptoSmart can also be set to operate at any distance up to 2 metres from the sensor.

OptoSmart Timing Light showing Range

The sensors have a built in socket that the linking cables simply plug into.

OptoSmart Timing Light