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Isometric Hydraulic Resitance Equipment - Overview

One of Fitness Technology's greatest innovations is the Isotronic range of hydraulic fitness equipment.

Fitness Technology manufactures a patented Hydraulic Fitness System that uses a true Pressure Relief Valve system. This uniquely designed Isotronic Hydraulic Unit results in a constant predetermined load over the selected load settings. The load required by the user can be easily selected by the use of a user friendly, accessible, nine position, Resistance Dial.

Due to the unique design of the Isotronic Hydraulic system, the nine position resistance range, can be further increased or decreased, to suite the requirements of the Equipment users. Our range of Isotronic Hydraulic Machines has been configured to enable the user to safely perform specific concentric exercises under predetermined adjustable load conditions. Providing concentric loads, which result in minimum soreness and reduces the likelihood of injury to the user.

There are a large number of implementations of this design ranging from bench press to squat configurations. Many of these essential resistance training results could not be obtained using, pin loaded, free weight, pneumatics and other cheap hydraulic fitness equipment too.

See how easy it is to use, no heavy weights to move and no tricky pin to lose in the video below.